Equipment and Equipment Hire

Egypt Productions works with almost everybody in the Egyptian Market and a lot of foreign and international professionals involved in the movie making industry.

At Egypt Productions , we know all about the essential roles, tasks and obstacles faced by film and television producers in this market and in independent production. Our long experience in the field was provided by our major exposure to the filmmaking industry, and therefore, we never see things at face value; we always dig deep and go the extra mile.

We know what making a movie means and that's why, we take everything into consideration from the first day and provide you with a premium service that is unrivaled here in the market. Planning ahead takes a good potion of the time, which saves two very important factors; time and money.

For us to be able to provide you with this premium service and work within your time schedule, we require the maximum information you can give us which allows us to plan the production scheme in more than just a satisfactory manner.

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