American - Feature Film

American - Feature film "Nomad", Produced by "TXL Films, Inc."


German - Lunar Eclipse

"Lunar Eclipse - from Cairo on 27-07-2018" Produced for CONSTANTIN FILM PRODUKTION GMBH - GERMANY


#thisisegypt - Spiritual Egypt - TV Commercial

#thisisegypt - Spiritual Egypt - TV Commercial Produced by "Fox Networks Group"


Canadian - Documentary Episode

canadian-documentary-episode "If We Build It Today" Produced by "Arcadia Entertainment"


American - Educational Campaign

American - Educational Campaign "ABC Mouse - Anthem" Produced by TXL Films, inc.


American / British - Fashion Editorial

Fashion Editorial for "Webber Represents" American / British Magazine


South African - Commercial

South African - Commercial - "Chicken Licken" for Bouffant


Indian - Commercial

Indian Commercial - Zoho


British - Documentary



Korean - Commercial

Korean Commercial for Samsung Corporation TVC


Canadian Non-Fiction Series

Canadian Non-Fiction Series  "Go Deep - Ancient Boats" 2nd Part Produced By "Arcadia Entertainment Inc"


Korean - Commercial

Korean - Commercial "Korean Air - Excellence In Flight - Egypt"  Agent: LG AD (Korea) Produced By Custom Message (Korea)


Canadian Non - Fiction Series

Canadian Non-Fiction Series "Go Deep - Ancient Boats" Produced By "Arcadia Entertainment Inc"


American - Motion Picture

American - Motion Picture "Jumper" Produced By "20th Century Fox Filmed Entertainment"


American / British - International Music Video

American / British - International Music Video "Love Sees No Color" Produced by International Singer, Composer And Peace Advocate "Fred Nassiri" Production Supervision by British Production Company "Done And Dusted"


Ukrainian - Feature Film

Ukrainian - Feature Film "Love Me, Love Me Not" Produced by Ukrainian Film Production Company "Panopticum"


British - Documentary Film

British Documentary Film “Vodafone - Air Time Transfer” Produced by British Company “Moving Brands”. “Builds Media-Responsive Identities” Production Supervision by Kenyan Film Production Company "Ginger Ink"


French / Korean - Commercial

French / Korean - Commercial " Korea Internet volunteers" Produced by French Production Company "Europiaa"


Swedish - Commercial

Swedish - Commercial "Tetra Classic Aseptic and Tetra Pak A1" Produced by "King Edward Film Produktion AB"


American - Documentary Film

American - Documentary Film "Where Did It Come From" Produced by "Popular Arts Entertainment" for "History Channel"


Egyptian - Talk Show Programme

Egyptian - Talk Show Programme "Maasoum" Produced by "MBA" For "Egyptian TV" And "Al-Rai TV".


Russian - Photography Shoot

Russian - Editorial Fashion Story for summer 2005 Produced by "Afisha MIR Magazine"


Serbian - Commercial

Serbian - Commercial "Serbian Lottery" Produced by "Semio Productions"


Danish - Feature Film

Danish - Feature Film "My Sister's Kids In Egypt" Produced by "Moon Light Film Production


Italian - Docufiction film 55min

Italian - Docufiction film 55min "Imhotep The Genius Of Saqqara" Produced by "Storyteller Film & TV Productions"


Norwegian - Live Ceremony

Norwegian - Live Ceremony International Opening for "Bibliotheca Alexandrina" Produced by "Nordisk Film & TV AS" Norway.


American - Broadcast Live

American - Broadcast Live Opening The Tombs Of The Golden Mummies: Live! To USA Produced by "20th Century FOX TV broadcast"