Welcome to Egypt Productions

Egypt Productions is an independent production company based in Cairo, Egypt. Our primary focus is the production of feature films, documentaries, shorts, television specials, music videos and commercials. In addition, Egypt Productions is a production company that offers premium production and on–location management services.

We provide international directors with the assistance they require to carry out their shooting or filmmaking projects in Egypt. We also provide pre and post production services for any sort of project, rent equipment and offer services ranging from script development to film editing. Please view our services section

Egypt Productions has worked on various projects in production on a wide range of industry and a large base of clientele. We take our business seriously and pay attention to the smallest details.

We know every detail of the process of movie production and how to make your production come to life. We have our credibility in the Egyptian market and that's why we can guarantee providing you with first-class services in the industry of filmmaking that is unrivaled elsewhere.

We have unlimited access to a comprehensive selection of motion picture equipment that can be located on-site. Accordingly, we can minimize production costs and achieve high production values on any project with a reasonable budget.


Egypt is one of the best locations in the world for filming. The lighting, weather and stunning landscapes alone make Egypt worthy of being on your location list.

Our Services

Just some of the many services we offer to the film and movie industry.

Local Cast

Egypt Productions has over 100 local and international actors and actresses featured, as well as, much valuable information for the acting professional.