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Male actors of Egypt

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Egypt Productions Models boasts a versatile range of men to suit most situations, from the 'pretty boy' to the 'skater boy', or the 'smoothy' to the 'James Dean'.

Below are a small selection of the many actors and models available.
Please contact us for more information

A small sample of the wonderful people that enlighten the world around us.
Young and old, tall and small, beautiful and fascinatingl, They are the ones that naturally portray the diverse characteristics that make up our exciting world. If you are looking for a specific character please contact us - we thrive on finding people that match a specific scene or meet an unusual objective!

We also have an extended range of temporary models available, contact us with your requirements and we will bend over backwards to source a model that will meet with your approval. Remember that we are constantly recognising new talent so please keep in touch.

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