Acting / Modelling


How to Become an Actor / Model?


Wanna learn how to become an actor / Model? You've got to remember that Acting / Modelling is first and foremost a business. Just follow this simple and practical advice and you'll book job after job. Let's get down to business!


Acting / Modelling is a Business First


We know, you love the lights, the camera, the glitz and glamour. But don't romanticize what we're doing here: You're a business first and an artist second.

Sure, lots of actors / Models would disagree. They would say the craft of acting / modelling is first priority.

But in order to get work, the skills and techniques we're about to share with you are paramount. So hear us out.


The secret is the right mindset: The powers that will see you as a product. Something to sell and make money from. And you should think this way too. This is true of theatre, TV, film, voice acting, commercials, fashion and any other medium you'll work in.


You are an entrepreneur with a product to sell. You're selling you. Your face, your body, your voice, your acting skills, your singing skills, etc. All working actors / Models understand this concept.


This may seem dark and dreary, but it's actually a good thing. Why? Because you realize that it's not personal. It's business. (That's important to remember when you're dealing with rejection.


Marketing Your Business


Now that we've identified the product (you), it's time to market that product. How do you get your name out there? How can you get hired? How to become an actor / Model who's working?


Egypt Productions offers you a real chance to start and build your Acting / Modelling career when you subscribe to our 2018 plan.

Only 625 subscribers will be accepted for 2018 plan.

A professional Profile will be created for each subscriber.

Creating a profile is the most basic as well as important factor defining your Acting / modelling career. A professional profile can take you a long way ahead and it has to include;

Actor's calling cards / Model’s headshots and poses, It needs to look as impressive and professional as possible because it's going to cross the desk of directors, producers, agents, managers, etc.


For that, Egypt Productions made the following;

  • Built up Acting / Modelling photography studio equipped with the latest gear.


  • Hired a professional photographers & editors to give you 2 hours photo session, and get from you a stunning Acting / Modelling profile pictures that meets the requirement of international directors, producers & agents and can be on a movie poster or a fashion magazine’s cover.


  • Hired a Professional Copy Writers to write your resume and take care of your Bio.


Created an online Acting / Modelling platform (, that meets the international standards from design to content, loaded with a professional Acting / Modelling software to introduce and promote only our 500 subscribers to directors, producers, agents from around the world in an easy and impressive way for one full year.

A professional campaign for one full year moderated by specialists that targets directors, producers, agents from around the world to promote only our 500 subscribers, nominate them to play an important roles in (Feature Films, TV Drama Series, TVCs, Fashion Shows & Editorials, etc…).


Now, the fun has begun... The real deal.

Egypt Productions In the pre-Production stage to produce 5 movies for 2018, we will cast only fresh new faces to play all the roles, not only that ... Our 5 film directors committed to cast all roles - 175 role - ( Principal, Support & Feature Talents ) distributed on the 5 Movies, only from our 625 subscribers … which mean that you have 175 real chance out of 625 to play one role from 175 available roles.

It is a win win situation and both parties will take calculated risk; Egypt Productions will take the risk of producing 5 movies with fresh new faces and from our 625 subscribers only, while give the quality of the scripts our first priority, and you will take the risk of investing on yourself which is something you will have to do sooner or later, either with us or with others, while reducing our financial risk by subscribing to our plan. Plain & Simple.


Since we are dealing with international clients & we are trying to create a solid Acting / Modelling platform that meets international standards - English speaking is a must in-order to subscribe.


Don’t wait for a chance … create yours now.


Total subscription fee L.E 20,000


E-mail us now (only) on the following e-mail, if you would like to subscribe to Egypt Productions’ 2018 Acting / Modelling plan & reserve your seat in our short list.